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Peace Talk: The Work of Byron Katie with Grace

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Jul 26, 2016

I work with many people, including myself, who think "self-inquiry, or The Work of Byron Katie doesn't work for me!" 

I love finding out why. Over time, working with others, the little bumps and barriers along the way fall apart, or dissolve (that's the good news). 

There is nothing and no one who can't benefit from...

Jul 20, 2016

I constantly criticized myself for an interesting moment from my past---trying to get my grandpa's approval, as well as be just as good as my sister, when I was ten years old. 

Who would you be without the belief you did it WRONG, because you sought approval? What if that was just YOU at the time?

Jul 8, 2016

I often notice I've thought being kind, nice, saying "yes" and being connected = best result. But what if you could be loving and connected, without physical contact? Who says you have to hang out with people forever? Or that it's success if you do? Listen here to how I handled a "no" and moved on, still appreciating...